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Ethiopian crosses are symbols of Christianity in Ethiopia and Eritrea, and are worn to represent faith, life, and love. Their distinct, intricate designs originated with Ethiopian craftsmen whose elaborate latticework crosses represent everlasting life. Since Ethiopian artisans are given creative freedom, each design is unique, and no two crosses are ever exactly alike. Ethiopian crosses are traditionally used by priests, and are available in processional and blessing forms. Blessing forms are designed with sockets at the base, making them suitable for being carried in church ceremonies, or arranged as hand-held crosses to conduct individual blessings.


Hello, My name is Selam... and I am the founder of Selita Collection. Selita Collection began as a labor of love, providing me an outlet while I spent time at home with my growing family.

I have always had a passion for jewelry and design, and appreciate high-quality, stylish, and timeless pieces. I knew that I wanted to build a business where I could share my passion for Unique, Stylish, and timeless jewelry. I also wanted to share the beauty, history and culture behind the Ethiopian Crosses and other faith-based symbols.

My mission is to bring you timeless, high-quality and effortlessly Stylish jewelry. I strive to create beautiful pieces that symbolize eternal love and faith that you can wear on any occasion to represent faith and love.

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